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VIDEO Presentations are all about building and maintaining trust and credibility. The idea of creating trust between you and the customer sounds easy, but it often requires more work than you might imagine.  A video inspires & ignites emotion, it creates a pathway from the eyes that creates a desire to want or need your product or service. A strong video presenting your business, service or product, gives you an ‘evergreen’ marketing tool that enables you to engage with your audience no matter where they are, what they read or which discipline they choose.

At Equine Events Media & Production Division we will work with you to achieve the following.

·      Communicate more clearly with your audience
·      Visually show them what you can offer
·      Ensure they understand your business, product or service
·      Re-assure your audience that you will meet their expectations
·      Beat the competition by executing your message and stating why you are the market leader

The Facts & Figures:

A video is evergreen it lasts forever and it can be updated at anytime. 85% of Internet users watch videos, think about that, 85% of an online audience will see & experience your business. Video will effortlessly drive traffic to your website or business and of course they will stay on your site longer. Customers are therefore more likely to purchase. People buy from people so communicating in a format that allows access to human interaction makes for appealing content.

According to the Social Media Marketing Industry report for 2012, video marketing is the top area of marketing investment for 2012.

The study reveals that a significant 76% of marketers plan on increasing their use of You Tube and video marketing.

Videos promote better engagement on social media than standard text content; watching videos is among the top three most popular activities on social media.

Offering videos on a web site helps to retain visitors for longer.  A recent ComScore study showed websites that contain videos hold a viewer’s attention for more than two minutes longer than sites without this content.  If visitors spend more time on a web site, search engines take note and consider the site to be more relevant.  Longer viewing times can also improve conversion rates.

Videos are now also included on universal search engine results. Publishing videos offers additional opportunities to get listed on search engines and according to a Forrester research study, having a good online video marketing strategy can actually increase your likelihood of achieving first page Google rankings by up to 53 times.

A study from aimClear found that in search engine results, videos have a 41% higher click through rate than standard text results.

Creating videos allows businesses to tap into the huge user-base of popular video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo which would not be possible with standard text.

Other studies have shown that sales pages that include video are twice as likely to seal the deal and lead to a sale. No surprise then that our service is intended to promote the use of video as a strong marketing tool for your business.



So how does it work?

Step 1. Concept & Idea
The best videos of course start from an idea from people that think outside the box. The EE team will bring something new to your brand; we bring fresh & novel ideas to the table. We create an idea that will build trust and add value to your audience’s lives.
Step 2. Gathering Information
This is where you come in… We live in a Google centric society so anyone can find anything they need at any given moment in time. Your responsibility becomes two-fold: 1) Give us accurate and relevant information about your business, and 2) Provide the right information to generate your intended result.  This of course is to drive your audience to making the decision to buy.
Step 3. Influence
Influence only comes from confidence, and confidence comes from preparation.  The more we prepare before the actual day of filming the better the end result.  Scripts and shot lists are planned to prevent losing the message of how to influence your audience.
Step 4. Integrity
Anyone can easily spot a fake message or empty promise. Be prepared to add integrity to your brand by offering your customers support… For example a lifetime guarantee, a customer service promise, all carry a very strong message and could set you apart from the rest.
Step 5. Impact
If you ask your audience to invest five minutes of their lives to watch your video and listen to you speak, you must have a message that is memorable. You must leave a lasting message and a memorable brand,  give them a reason to talk about you and pass on your message to their friends & colleagues.  Our award winning design team will work closely with you to achieve this.
Step 6. Ignition
Every video presentation needs a purpose and you can provide this by ensuring you have a call to action. You need to tell your audience what they need to do now that they have been exposed to your message. If you don’t, you risk diminishing the true value of your business.  We don’t just film, edit and leave you! Our PR & Marketing division will support you for as long as you require ensuring you achieve maximum exposure.
Building and maintaining trust is not easy work. It requires awareness, careful planning, and a strong desire to do what’s right and most beneficial for your customer.
So what does it cost? I hear you say, well not as much as you think!..
A simple ‘How to’ or promotional video that lasts forever cost LESS THAN A ONE-MONTH in print advertising campaign!